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Who Makes SPT Dishwashers? [A Detailed Guide]

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Scrubbing stubborn food residue after a long day at work can get super hectic. Investing in a dishwasher saves you from this extra effort. But buying the right dishwasher is also a task. If you don’t pay attention at the time then you have to cry afterward.

When you hit the market for your dishwasher search you will come across a popular name SPT offering outstanding performance and built quality and that too at a super attractive price. You may start to ponder who makes SPT dishwashers? And is this worth buying or it is just falsely claiming its quality and features.

Let us help you out here! Get to know about them and what makes their customer’s favorite choice.

Who Makes SPT Dishwashers?

SPT is a Chinese company launched in 1985 in Keelung, Taiwan. The full form of SPT is Sunpentown International Inc. appliances by SPT are manufactured in Taiwan and sold all over the world. The global operations of the company started back in 1993.

The headquarters of the SPT is now located in California but the manufacturing and supplying are still from Taiwan. The company started its business by launching an induction cooker which gained huge popularity among customers. After that, they expanded their company’s product range making it a global home and kitchen appliances brand.

Is SPT A Good Brand To Trust On?

SPT’s name is synonymous with quality and durability on a low budget. With remarkable performance and high-end features, these dishwashers are no less than any expensive products on the market.

Not only do the products have a wide variety and features but the built quality and life span of the product leaves us spell-bounded too. Excellent customer care, positive reviews, and innovation in design have made SPT a leading kitchen appliances brand in the market.

What We Like In SPT Dishwashers

The price of the SPT products may stun you but that’s only the beginning. Exceptional performance and the latest technology embedded in a product at this price is something unimaginable. Let’s have a look at the amazing features that the SPT dishwasher has to offer:


At such a low price and advanced features usually, the body construction and durability of the appliances are low. But in SPT there is no compromise on that. SPT dishwashers are manufactured with a promise of long life and quality.

These powerful dishwashers can give more than 10 years of life with proper maintenance and care.

Compact Design

Along with brilliant washing performance and quality, the outlook of the SPT dishwasher is incredible too. The compact and portable design enables you to place it easily anywhere in your kitchen.

The scratch-resistant metal body compliments your kitchen interior and this is super feasible for small apartment kitchens or people looking for a compact dishwasher that fits under the cabinet counter.

User Friendly

With a touch-operated control panel, the SPT dishwasher is very easy to operate and handle. It features automatic detergent and liquid dispensing that makes it super convenient to use.

Operating the dishwasher is no hard task at all and users can get their washing done just by selecting some functions and that’s all. In addition to that SPT dishwasher is very easy to clean so no extra hassle afterward.

Impressive Performance

Don’t get confused with the price and size of the dishwasher as its performance is equivalent to any heavy-duty dishwasher. It offers six wash cycles depending on the requirements and dish condition. You can select the cycle that fits your needs. From burnt to sticky food SPT dishwasher can wash it all at one-time.

Optimum Capacity

A dishwasher is there to ease your load. Extra washing cycles are not at all feasible and SPT gets that. SPT dishwasher is designed to provide maximum inner space to hold all utensils and wash them in one go.

With optimum utensil accommodation, you get faster and more efficient working at convenience.

Easy On Utensils

This dishwasher although being tough on stains and powerful in performance doesn’t ruin your new pots and pans. The innovation in design helps the dishwasher r to clean the pots effectively without any extra strain or harshness on the pots. So your utensils don’t degrade or start wearing off due to washing in the dishwasher.

Noise-Free Operation

Contrary to other cheap brands and small size dishwashers, the SPT dishwasher has a very quiet or less noisy operation. So you don’t get bothered with loud washing noises in your studio apartment with the Noise-free technology of SPT.

What We Don’t Like About SPT Dishwashers?

Well the limitations of this low price high-quality dishwasher are scarce but to get you a clear idea and unbiased opinion here are some of the downsides of an SPT dishwasher:

Limited Utensil Size

Due to the compact size of the dishwasher, you can’t fit pots or pans bigger than 10 inches in diameter in the washer. So if you have a washing load of utensils bigger than that then this dishwasher is not for you.

Longer Drying Cycle

The cleaning cycle of the dishwasher is fast and efficient but when it comes to the drying, this dishwasher doesn’t impress us. It takes a long to completely get the utensils dry and that may bother the users.

Premium Quality Products On A Budget!

SPT is a brand that aims to deliver quality products with unique designs and features at affordable rates. SPT has a wide range of kitchen and home appliances to choose from.

Their products are easy to use and long-lasting. Some of the key points that make SPT one of the most loved brands among customers are:

  • Low prices
  • Excellent built material
  • Innovative design
  • Latest technology
  • Space-saving
  • Incomparable customer service.


Is SPT A High-End Brand?

No, SPT is a Chinese brand that offers the quality and performance of high-end brands but on a budget. The brand is targeted at general people offering appliances in a low-price range.

How Much Water Does The SPT Dishwasher Use?

SPT dishwashers are very water-efficient and use about 2 gallons of water in a complete cycle compared to the usual compact dishwashers using 3 gallons of water.

Is It Easy To Install The SPT Dishwasher?

Yes, it is super convenient to fit and install an SPT dishwasher. There is no complex setup required you just have to connect the dishwasher hose to the faucet via the faucet adapter included and you are good to go.

Final Points!

No doubt an SPT dishwasher is a valuable addition to your compact kitchen. With extraordinary washing performance and long-lasting built SPT dishwashers offers the best value for money.

Now knowing who makes SPT dishwashers you may be satisfied with the claimed quality and specs mentioned on the product. SPT is known for its budget-friendly appliances with no compromise on quality and operations. So be rest assured that you are getting one of the best dishwashers.

Happy Dishwashing!

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