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Who Makes Kirkland Dishwasher Pacs? Is Kirkland Dish Soap Eco-Friendly?

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Why are Costco users switching towards Kirkland dishwashers? Who makes Kirkland dishwasher Pacs better than its competitors like Costco, Palmolive, and Finish? If you are thinking about switching toward Kirkland, this article will add value to your time. Let’s drill down…

Why will you turn towards Kirkland if you are happy with your detergent? Look! It is affordable and highly usable for grease, wine, coffee, eggs, and sticky stains.

It is affordable. It is beneficial for grease, coffee, eggs, etc. It is easy to use with proven cleanability and stands it apart from the crowd.

Who Makes Kirkland Dishwasher Pacs?

Kirkland introduced itself in 1966 by Carl Kirkland and Robert Kirkland. Later in 2018, Steven C Woodward purchased Kirkland. Now he is working with Kinkerland to make our lives easier.

In 1992 Costco (a multinational corporation) collaborated with Kirkland as its private label. Thus Kirkland Signature became a subsidiary of Costco corporation. That’s why customers and retailers call Kirkland a “brand of Costco.”

Kirkland dish soaps are ultra shine dishwasher Pacs to remove sticky stains like grease, oil, egg, and other colors. It is phosphate-free also chlorine-free. Safe with septic systems is a plus.

Features of Kirkland Dishwasher Pacs

Kirkland Signature Easy to Use, Streak Free Premium Dishwasher Pacs, Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

The Formula

The formula of Kirkland dishwasher Pacs does not need to pre-rinse for soft water. In contrast, if you are a resident of an area with hard water supplies, you have to put extra effort into cleaning your dishes.


Kirkland dishwasher Pacs wipe tough stains from your dishes, as I mentioned above. Their septic safe and chlorine-free formula protects your words from protozoa and other parasites.

The Fragrance

It contains a sweet citrus lemon fragrance. If you are used to the lemon scents, it would be a plus for you. On the other hand, if your nose is extra sensitive, tolerate the smell. Then you will find it smelly for your dishes and nose as well.


Its price varies from market to market. Different markets like Costco, Kirkland, and Amazon have different prices. Commonly its price starts from $11-$22 for 115 tablets. That is relatively more affordable than its competitors, including finish, Palmolive, Dawn, etc. But provides excellent cleaning results.


The dishwasher packs come with a container to save your time and money for extra cutting pads.

Safe For Your Skin and Eyes

The dishwasher packs are harmless for your eyes and skin. Zero chlorine and zero phosphates resist eutrophication. Also makes it soothed for a septic system.

What Stands Kirkland Apart From The Crowd?

Kirkland brand serves its audience in home accessories and adds value to their lives. Their innovative ideas and technology positively change our lifestyles.

In addition, Kirkland is unbeatable for its products’ quality. You can say it is the favorite brand for house accessories. Other features Kirkland provides its customers are:

  1. Affordable
  2. Top-notch quality
  3. Exclusive formula
  4. Out of the box performance
  5. User-friendly items
  6. Healthy, safe, and innovative products.


  • Top-quality dishwasher
  • Affordable price.
  • The better alternative to expensive detergents.
  • The sweet smell refreshes the nose.
  • Consistent ultra-clean


  •  Leaves a strong smell on dishes for sensitive noses.
  •  Thick packs cling to the detergent tray.

Is Kirkland Dish Soap Eco Friendly?

Kirkland detergent is manufactured with bio-degradable materials; you can consider it an eco-friendly product. Biodegradable formula-derived cleaning ingredients naturally. USDA certified it as a biobased detergent for dishes.

Is Kirkland Ultra Shine Good For Human Skin?

Usually, users complain that Dishwash soaps dry their hands. Costco’s Kirkland took the step to solve your skin problems and launched this excellent detergent that is not tested on animals, safe for plants, and harmless for humans.

Does Kirkland Dish Soap Have Gluten?

There is no gluten found in Kirkland’s manufacturing formula. Which means it is safe for human health and the immune system.

Alternatives Of Kirkland Dishwasher Pods

All nontoxic formula detergents and dish wash bars can be replaced with Kirkland’s pass. Following organic foaming and unscented detergents are the alternatives according to your area and water condition:

  1. Branch Basics Concrete
  2. Meliora Dishwashing Soap bar
  3. Fit organic Dish and Hand soap
  4. Free and Clear
  5. Honest Dish soap
  6. Bronner’s Castile liquid soap
  7. Unscented

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Let’s Wrap Up The Story

Kirkland spreads smiles on people’s faces with its innovative and eco-friendly dishwasher Pacs.

Now, I have cleared all doubts about Kirkland’s ownership. As it changed once. Later, Kirkland worked as a co-founder with other brands.

SO READERS! How did you find the article? Had I missed something to mention? Or I had cleared all the stuff about Kirkland? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kirkland Dishwasher Pods Good?

Kirkland Signature Premium Dishwasher Pacs perform an excellent job cleaning food from dishes. On the other hand, it earned an excellent rating in CR’s test and an unbeatable brand identity from Kirkland lovers.

Its price starts from $11- $22, which stands it apart from the crowd.

How Do You Find Kirkland Dishwasher Pacs “Toxic Or Non-Toxic?”

Pac is helpful and made for non-toxic, biodegradable materials. However, keeping it away from the children can save them from harm. Avoid swallowing. It will dissolve in your mouth. Moreover, it irritates the skin and eyes.

Are Dishwasher Pods Better Than Dishwashing Liquid?

Dishwasher pods are better than liquids and detergents. But when we compare their cost, the pods cost high. Then drinks, but powders are the most inexpensive than the pods and the fluids.

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Are Washing Pods Compatible With The Washing Machine?

Of course, pods are safe to use in a machine for clothes and dishwashers for dishes. These are really good for washing machines as well.

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