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What is Granite Cookware Made Of [Detailed Discussion]

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When you look into the world of cookware you will find there are many options. Whether you are a professional cook or you just do it as a hobby you would want the best in your kitchen but choosing among all the options is a difficult thing to do and while choosing cookware sets you have to consider many things like what is granite cookware made of?

Is it safe for daily use?

Is it better than all the other options?

And finally which option to choose.

Here you will learn about Granite cookware and everything you need to know before buying it.

What Is Granite Cookware?

Now from the name, you might think the material for the cookware is Granite but that’s not the case. The name only represents the colour and pattern of the design.

The materials from which it is made are nowhere close to Granite. It is made from a base of metal which is mainly aluminium and the base is usually coated with two materials Vitreous enamel and Teflon (PTFE).

Now the difference between the two coatings is not noticeable by the naked eye but there are two differences.

  • Vitreus enamel is more resistant to heat and is more durable compared to Teflon
  • Teflon has more non-stick capabilities when compared to vitreus enamel.

Although the differences are there, they are minimal.

Where Granite Cookware Is Manufactured?

Granite cookware was first introduced in the 1800s but back then the cost of Granite cookware was very expensive and it was made in large sizes so domestic use was not possible but it was in the 1900s that the cost was reduced and it was introduced in homes. Nowadays the manufacturing process is held in China and is shipped to all major countries like the United States of America, Australia, Malaysia, etc.

One of the best brands that manufacturers Granite cookware is Granite stone. The brand was initially founded by the Emson corporation in 2018. The first name of the brand was Granite rock but later it was changed. In just a few years they became one of the largest companies dealing in cookware. Although the prices are high compared to other brands this is something you will not regret having in your kitchen.

Pros and Cons of Granite Cookware

You will find that there are many advantages to Granite cookware. I’ll state them in a number.

Pros of Granite Cookware

1. The most important thing when upgrading or buying your first cookware set is the budget. Fortunately for you, the price of Granite cookware has dropped by a vast amount in the past 2 centuries. So, you can upgrade your kitchen with ease.

2. There can be no other materials suited for cooking than Granite cookware. The aluminium or carbon steel base (which is very lightweight) can be heated very quickly and can even trap heat within its core so you can reduce your cooking time by a lot.

3. Another amazing thing about Granite Cookware is that it’s free of rust, unlike your cast iron cookware, Granite cookware can have a long and happy life with you.

4. The most important thing when cooking is the heavenly taste of the food and you don’t have to worry 00000about that because of the Teflon or porcelain enamel coating your ingredients can have freshness and taste.

5. Health is one of the most important things to consider while being cookware. If you buy low-quality stuff, you might get harmful chemicals in your food but modern-day Granite cookware is free of such chemicals.

Now comes the cons of Granite cookware. The thing is you can’t have it all to all those advantages you have to live with some disadvantages too. While they are less in number than the pros, they do exist.

Cons of Granite Cookware

1. Well, if you have a glass stovetop then it’s not for you as they can break your glass.

2. Many Granite cookware manufacturers claim that they have non-stick cookware but most of them are not non-stick be aware.

3. The cookware is fragile so you have to handle it with care don’t use steel utensils while cooking, always use wooden or plastic utensils to avoid breaking.

4. Most of the modern versions of Granite cookware have a very thin layer of coating compared to the older versions.

Is Granite Cookware Safe?

Granite is so common these days and also safe as well unless they are lacking PFOA and PTFE on the pans. Coatings have been made for granite that helps in keeping it safe.

There are two types of coating used in Granite cookware: Teflon (PTFE) and Vitreus enamel. We will take a look at each one by one

Teflon (PTFE)

When you are out in the market for some new cookware you will always find a mark on the packaging and it states which type of coating is used. A PTFE mark is used to indicate the Teflon coating. Now sometimes markings like mineral coating are used this also means that Teflon coating is used.

Now the maximum temperature Teflon can handle is 260C but it is recommended that you don’t go above 200C just to be on the safer side.

The reason this temperature is recommended is that at 250C it releases toxic fumes and the coating can start to evaporate resulting in chunks of coating in your food. So always be careful and keep an eye on the temperature.

Vitreus Enamel

Another common coating is vitreus enamel. Brands usually highlight that their cookware is PTFE free which means they have an enamel coating.

Now there are many benefits to enamel coating. Unlike PTFE pots and pans enamel coating does not release any toxic fumes while heated at high temperatures. Although they are not harmful to the environment they can break if you use metal utensils on them. Wooden and plastic utensils are recommended. This is a safer coating than PTFE and is very popular in the granite cookware industry.

Is Granite Cookware Safe For Birds?

Yes. The same goes with birds as well if they are lacking non-stick coating like Teflon, PFOA, PFOS etc. They are harmful when heated as they are super sensitive to their respiratory system.

Is Granite Cookware Non-Stick?

Yes! Granite cookware is non-stick. While buying a new cookware set you have to be very careful. Some of the products on the market are labelled as non-stick but most of them are not. If you are buying a high-quality set then there is no need to worry due to the high-quality coating and Granite being non-stick. Before buying, just complete your research and stick to the end. There is a very informative review about a very good Granite cookware set.

Granite vs Stainless-Steel (Which Is Better)

The pros and cons of Granite cookware are stated above but there are a few key points that can make a Granite set better than a stainless-steel cookware set. The most important is rust stainless steel can get rusted over time and Granite sets never get rust. Another thing is if the stainless steel is overheated over time they go dark in colour. While the coating prevents the colour to fade in Granite sets. Overall, the age of stainless-steel sets is far less than Granite sets as they are more durable.

Granite vs Ceramic Cookware Sets (Now The Real Competition Begins)

The thing is there are not many differences between these two they both are non-stick and both are lightweight. There are no key differences except the colour choices in ceramic cookware sets and more designs. So, there is no real competition here. It all depends on your preferences.

Best Granite Cookware To Buy Right Now

13-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set

This set is made by one of the best companies in the whole cookware industry Granite stone by Emson corporation. This brand is known for the best Granite cookware on the market.

They use the best materials and coating to make their sets non-stick. The base is aluminium with a high-quality quantity that can easily trap heat giving you the best cooking time. It holds all the qualities that a Granite set should have like being lightweight rust free and does not contain any harmful chemicals. They say it’s tougher than stainless steel and is ready for anything you throw at it.

That was our recommended granite cookware review of the best selling product.


Is granite stone cookware toxic?

Generally, it is safe. But if it has the presence of PFOA and PTFE on the cookwares. These sorts of chemicals are dangerous and cause severe diseases in humans.

Is granite cookware made of granite?

It is not made from the actual stone. The name is just for marketing purposes the materials used are aluminium base, Teflon (PTFE), and vitreous coating.

Are Granite pans healthy?

They are safe for your health although enamel coating is much recommended because PTFE coating can release toxic fumes that can be when heated at high temperatures. Those fumes can be harmful to you

What is Granite Stone cookware made out of?

Granite pans are made of an aluminium base and on top are coated with commonly two materials PTFE and enamel.

Is Granite cookware better than non-stick?

There are non-stick options in Granite and they are better than regular non-stick cookware sets.

Does Granite have Teflon?

Some of the cookware is coated in Teflon and it’s mentioned on the packaging.

Are Granite stone pans oven-safe?

If you are using Teflon (PTFE) then a temperature above 200C can be harmful and it will release toxic fumes but if you are using enamel coating then it’s safe.

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