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What Age Can a Child Use An Electric Toothbrush?

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Are you worried that at what age can a child use an electric toothbrush? Get an insight into the benefits and doubts and a comparison between electrical and normal brushes.

What Age Can a Child Use An Electric Toothbrush?

Using an electric toothbrush is a fine advancement and exciting for a child. It might even brighten up the least interesting task. But is it worth it? Brushing your child’s teeth is not just an oral hygiene practice. There is a lot more to it.

One of the most remarkable strategies that brushing accomplishes is the development of motor skills. Holding the brush, applying toothpaste, brushing, and rinsing, all build fine motor skills. The age at which your child is advancing on these skills and when they can switch to an electric toothbrush should not collide.

I wouldn’t say that it should be an absolute no for electric toothbrushes but when and how should be considered. Adding more thrill to a boring task can give extraordinary results. Let’s face it we still skip our brushing routines let alone our children.

Major Advantage of Introducing Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes should be introduced at the age of three. With that said, handing an electric toothbrush does not omit the parent’s responsibility to supervise. So why consider one at this age? 

Well firstly to make the brushing activity more fun and exciting. Yes, no kid has ever readily agreed to regular teeth brushing. Every other child has thrown endless tantrums or other disagreements when brushing their teeth.

To resolve the issue many manufacturers have introduced age-specific Best Electric Toothbrushes. Some are even colored and characterized to make them look more attractive. Even normal brushes until 8+ years are available with themes and cartoon characters.

Some even provide interchangeable figures to attach to the handles. Some simple toothbrushes are available with funky colored and molded brush caps. The idea is to encourage regular brushing whether it’s using an electric one or a manual.

There Is More To It Than Just The Enthusiasm

Another advantage is that the use of an electric toothbrush gives better and cleaner teeth. The constantly vibrating and moving bristles make sure that every nook and corner is reached and cleaned. The manufacturers make sure that the bristles are soft so they can easily adapt to the milky pearls.

Similarly, the brush movements, vibrations, and timings need to be well adjusted. In many cases, such moving parts and noise might not be pleasing enough. Keeping in mind your child’s preferences is encouraged. Age three is not sensible or very developed. Children are still grabbing something new in their everyday lives.

Introduce an electric toothbrush only if you think they will accommodate it easily and happily.

They are extremely easy to use Once turned on the child will just have to glide it around the mouth. No applying pressure and no vigorous movements, just good oral hygiene. 

The Working Of An Electric Toothbrush

The smooth vibrations and movements are the notable features. Tiny soft bristles gliding over the hard teeth and the soft gums are the catch. The electric toothbrush may be battery powered which could be rechargeable or disposable. In any case, adult supervision is necessary when anything automated is involved.

Electric toothbrushes tend to be better than manual ones. They reach places easily and they remove more plaque than ordinary toothbrushes. Since most of the work is done by the brush itself it won’t be called a tedious task anymore.

Comparison: Electric VS Manual Toothbrush

Using The Electric Toothbrush On Their Own

Whether it’s an electric toothbrush or a normal one, children need to be supervised. According to the experts, seven years is an ideal age for kids to be on their while brushing. The reason for the concern until this age is somewhat related to loss of the milk teeth.

It might not be completely true that vigorous brushing can result in early loss of teeth but it’s better to be safe than sorry. By the age of seven with regular practice children might be able to make a few judgments. Even if they are not an electric toothbrush user working around their teeth with a might be known.

Some parents dread that their child might choke on a fallen tooth but it should rarely be the case. That is why teaching them to not swallow on the foam and spitting and rinsing correctly is the best way to train them. 

All the more this age is appropriate to introduce healthy eating habits keeping dental care in mind. How sweets cause plaque and ignorance can result in decay and all should be well explained. The more these preventive measures are discussed and applied the better teeth they will have.

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Are You Still Doubting Electric Toothbrushes?

If you still think that electric toothbrushes just do not tick the right boxes then don’t stress. The traditional brushing method is for sure the easiest and hassle-free option but the innovations have got you covered.

There is a huge variety of options for different brushes for ages 3 and up. The perfect bristles, the correct size, the synchronized movements, and the fun all are at your service. As a parent, you just need to be sure of the regularity and maintenance. Changing the brush according to the age and whenever the head needs to be replaced will be the task. 

Another more logical approach can be consulting your child’s dentist. Knowing the capacity and the health of the gums the dentist might have better recommendations. The suggestions that are provided can then be applied to decide on your child’s new toothbrush.

What Should You Finally Decide As A Parent

So from 3 years of age, you can buy an electric toothbrush for your child. The main aim is to develop a habit of brushing teeth regularly. Gradually the kids can be taught more oral care ways for a healthy dental approach. The kids will know how to take care of their milk teeth and look after their permanent ones too.

The practice should be instilled at the earliest age so that it becomes a habit. Regular visits to the dentist, avoiding sweets, and teaching similar precautions for good dental health are a must.

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