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Pros and Cons of Dishwashers [Best Guide & Discussion]

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As the world is evolving in technology & with the rise in automation, newer and newer gadgets are being made for the ease of humankind. A similar new kitchen appliance named dishwashers is recently getting popular in the market, especially among women. It is a kitchen essential that is used for washing the kitchenware and vessels.

This article aims to debate in detail, the pros and cons of dishwashers. But before a detailed elaboration about the pros and cons of dishwashers let us discuss a few common myths about dishwashers.

Myths and Facts About Dishwasher

There are quite a number of concerns, queries, and questions among the people about dishwashers. People usually think of a dishwasher as a useless and expensive appliance that consumes too much electric power. A few of the other myths are enlisted below which are very similar to the case of an automatic cloth washing machine.

  1. The dishwasher wastes a lot of water.
  2. It consumes a lot of detergents.
  3. The dishwasher is much more time-consuming as compared to normal hand washing.
  4. Specific dishes and delicate glassware cannot be rinsed in the dishwasher.
  5. Washing with hands provides much better cleaning.

Using dishwashers will eventually cause a rise in electricity bills.

Pros and Cons of Dishwashers

There are numerous dishwasher advantages and disadvantages mentioned below.


  • No Need To Rinse The Dishes By Oneself
  • Saves Time & Energy
  • Uses Less Water as Compared To Conventional Hand Washing
  • More Hygienic Dishes
  • Clean Aesthetic Kitchen
  • Silent Operation
  • User Friendly
  • Multi-Tasking
  • No More Quarrels & Arguments
  • Much Safer


  • Expensive Kitchen Appliance
  • Costly Repairing
  • High Power Consumption
  • Pre Rinsing is Essential For Some Cases
  • Not Suitable For All Kitchen Wares
  • Easiness Causes Laziness
  • You Have To Clean It
  • Not Suitable For Half Capacity Operation
  • Dishwasher Uses a Lot Of Space

Let us discuss the pros and cons of dishwashers in detail.

Advantages of a Dishwasher

No Need To Rinse The Dishes By Oneself

Washing the dishes is a cumbersome & tiresome process especially if you have a large family and have to rinse a lot of dishes alone. Especially in winter, people get exhausted after washing the dishes with cold water. The dishwasher can be an angel for those people. An automatic dishwasher would allow you to just sit on your couch and relax while the washing is done automatically by the dishwasher.

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Saves Time & Energy

As we know time is money, so one shouldn’t invest their time as well energy in doing useless stuff such as washing the dishes. Using a dishwasher not only saves your time but also provides you with ease and comfort. A dishwasher allows you to do multi-tasking, while your dish is being rinsed you can invest your time in other essential & important work.

Uses Less Water as Compared To Conventional Hand Washing

It is a common myth that dishwasher uses a lot of water but scientifically the true fact is that it saves and conserve our natural resource. A dishwasher can save liters & liters of water as compared to washing my hands which wastes a lot of water.

More Hygienic Dishes

The hot water and the warming functions of various dishwashers can prevent the growth of bacteria and other germs. Thus using a dishwasher is much more hygienic as compared to washing by hand which uses foam and iron sponge with to and fro rigorous effort.

Clean Aesthetic Kitchen

With dishwashers you can place your dirty dishes in the dishwasher, thus not making your kitchen looks neat and clean but also it will provide you free space on your countertop for other items to be placed. Therefore, your sink and kitchen will not be filled with dirty dishes. Also, if the dishes are placed in a dishwasher, it will prevent the smelly odor if the dishes are not washed for long.

Silent Operation

Washing dishes with hands in the sink makes a lot of noise and washing the dishes can be a problem if everyone is asleep in the house. On the contrary, by using a dishwasher you don’t have to worry about the noise whether it’s morning or night you can wash and clean your kitchen utensils at any time of the day just at your own convenience.

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User Friendly

Using a dishwasher is not a big deal or rocket science. A dishwasher is a plug-and-play tool. You just have to put the dishes in the dishwasher and just with a single touch, all your utensils will be cleaned just like new ones. Therefore, it is an easy-to-use gadget and is made for all whether it’s you, your mom, or your grandmother.


Using a dishwasher, you are allowed to do multi-tasking, or any other important work whether it may be cleaning your bed or cooking your food while the dishes are being washed without any hassle. Or either you can relax while the task is being done.

No More Quarrels & Arguments

Using a dishwasher, can save you from arguments like who will be going to wash the dishes today? These types of quarrels and arguments are common in large families, especially in the subcontinent of Asia, where sisters got a fight together. By using a dishwasher everyone will be willing to put the dishes in the dishwasher and get them rinsed quickly without any effort.

Much Safer

Washing the dishes using a dishwasher is much safer as compared to manual washing by hand because while washing with hands, the crockery items may get slipped due to the soap and might be broken down. Or your hand even gets safer from washing the sharp knives. Thus, the dishwasher provides you ease as well as safety to you & the long life of your dishes.

No more Pruney Fingers

Washing the dishes by hand for a long time causes fingers to go wrinkled. In other words, you got pruney fingers, which is a biological term for fingers when soaked in water. Using a dishwasher saves you from this biological condition. Hence, a dishwasher is safer and kinder to your hands.

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Disadvantages of a Dishwasher

Expensive Kitchen Appliance

The dishwasher is a slightly expensive appliance because of its price. However, if you are a person whose value is time then it is worth buying. There are different qualities of a dishwasher depending on the functionality and working. Finding good quality and efficient dishwashers can be a challenging problem. If you are looking for the best countertop dishwashers, then this article might help you.

Costly Repairing 

If the luck is not on your side and your dishwasher got malfunctioned, then your money is on the stake of investment. You will also find it difficult to get a well-experienced technician or engineer to repair the complex instrument. Thus this point should be kept in mind while thinking of buying the best dishwasher on a budget.

High Power Consumption 

On Average, the electric power consumption of a dishwasher is between 1800 watts and 2400 watts. If you are a person who is not willing to pay his increased electric energy bills, then a dishwasher is not an option for you. You have to invest your own physical energy while washing with hands. Choosing the increased bill or ease and comfort these two things can be considered a tradeoff for some people.

Pre Rinsing is Essential For Some Cases 

If your dishes are too dirty and stick with many starch & oily foods, then you have to manually hand wash the dishes first before placing them in the dishwasher because sometimes if pre-rinsing is not done then some spots are left after dishwasher washing and you have to manually clean it which require again another effort.

Not Suitable For All Kitchen Wares

A dishwasher is suitable for small plates, kitchens utensils, and cutlery items. But the washing and cleaning of large objects such as a big lunch box, big-sized pan, or cookware sets can be a challenging problem because of the space constraint in the interior. So a dishwasher is not universal for all types of dishes. You have to be specific in size for washing. The big things you have to wash manually with your weak soft hands.

Easiness Causes Laziness

A dishwasher can be a great exercise for everyone. Remaining too much idle and depending too much on the automatic dishwasher makes you a lazy person and you will eventually end up disturbing your physical health. Another drawback is that the dishwasher runs on electric power so, therefore, in case of a power outage you have to wait for the electricity to restore to wash your kitchen dishes.

You Have To Clean it

A dishwasher needs to be cleaned. If you are the type of person is who already running away from cleaning and getting rid of daily washing, then choosing a dishwasher is not worth it for you because the dishwasher itself needs to be cleaned manually for removing the food leftover around the trap. But manual cleaning of a dishwasher is not on daily basis but seldom.

Not Suitable For Half Capacity Operation

As already discussed above, the dishwashers use a significant amount of electricity, so washing only a few amounts of dishes is not suitable. If you have a large family and have a lot of dishes to be rinsed, then running the dishwasher at full capacity is beneficial, otherwise, washing only a few dishes in a dishwasher is not cost-saving at all.

So one should use a dishwasher with its maximum capacity i.e. full load operation. But now a day’s new dishwashers are also available in the market with the half capacity operation or which you can choose a specific rack of the dishwasher in which the dishes are placed. This feature saves energy as well water.

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Dishwasher Uses a Lot Of Space

The dishwasher takes up quite a big space and area in the kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, then placing it in a suitable position in the kitchen can be very difficult. So one should have a large kitchen for a dishwasher. But now a day’s countertop dishwashers are also available for washing daily and regularly used dishes in the countertop dishwasher. The countertop dishwasher though has a small area is also constrained by its interior capacity.

A Decision Tree Chart For a Dishwasher

If you are ever wondering to buy a dishwasher and you are confused about whether is it worth buying or not. Or you might be concerned about the disadvantages it may have. Then we have created a simple decision tree chart that covers a few questions one should task to oneself. The decision tree enlisted the possible situations one usually asks.

This tree can be helpful in decision making but remember that the decision tree is not made for everyone. The person should analyze his or her decisions oneself according to the best of their knowledge. In this decision tree chart, the answers to the questions are simply yes and no which eventually leads you to the final result which is either go for a dishwasher or reject a dishwasher.

Decision Chart For Dishwashers

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Washing dishes is an everyday & essential household activity, there is hardly a day in which dishes are not being washed. A dishwasher is in fact a blessing for mankind. Buying a modern dishwasher is greatly beneficial due to the outrage number of it its advantages. Thus we can conclude the topic that buying a dishwasher is no doubt a great investment to be put in and is one of the best kitchen items to be bought.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can a dishwasher clean starchy food residues?

Yes, it can easily clean all the oily foods & sticky stains on the plates, glasses, etc.

Can a dishwasher is suitable for stainless steel and plastic items?

Yes, a dishwasher is not restricted to the dishes only as the name suggests ‘dish’. It can wash and rinsed a variety of kitchen items ranging from every type of crockery to sharp knives.

Will it work with a normal handwashing soap or detergent?

Yes, it will work to some extent but if you are looking for the best results then specifically mentioned detergents for dishwashers should be used.

Is pre-rinsing always necessary?

No, it is not necessary to pre-rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Pre-rinsing is advisable only for extreme stains & oily kitchenware.

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