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Marble VS Granite Cookware [Choose The Best]

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If you are looking for durable and affordable cookware, then you will find many options. Most commonly demanded by people are marble and granite pans. They both cookware serves the same. But still, marble VS granite cookware has different features. 

Although, marble cookware and granite cookware are similar. Still, some qualities make them different from each other. It includes their material, working conditions, heat resistance, and many more. Moreover, they both serve as non-stick pans.

Our article will guide you in understanding the difference between the two. Also, consider the different features before making a buying decision.

Marble Cookware

Marble cookware is made of marble stone instead of any chemical. This cookware range from pans, pots, baking containers, and other vessels. This cookware is considered very user-friendly. Furthermore, these pans are healthy cookware for cooking. The material helps in protecting the food from unhygienic elements.

Due to the advancement in cooking techniques, the demand for marble cookware also gets increased. They become popular for healthy cooking. The increased preference for organic diet is also a reason for its higher demand. Besides this, after the awareness regarding the side effects of coated pans, people prefer to use them. Marble cookware reduces the health issues related to cooking. 

Marble pans are safer as compared to non-stick cookware. It has been seen that cooking on high heat, affects adversely with non-stick pans. But this does not happen with marble pans. Overheating does not create any health issues while cooking. If you prefer non-stick cookware and want to know how to use it? You can check our article- How To Use Non-Stick Cookware For The First Time

Pros and Cons of Marble Cookware

Following are the few advantages and disadvantages of marble pans. 


  • Marble cookware as user friendly. They do not create any health issues while making any food item.
  • These pans can cook well even on high heat. The overheating does not change its working capacity. 
  • Marble pans are easy to wash. It does not get any scratches while cleaning. Also, its material protects it from damage due to detergent.
  • They are pocket friendly as well. Anyone can afford it easily. 
  • Marble cookware is conveniently available in the market with multiple designs and features. 
  • These pans are famous for providing balance heat around all surfaces. It makes cooking easy and perfect.
  • Due to their stone material, these pans are more hygienic than other cookware materials. 
  • Marble cookware is known well for its durability. They last longer and work effectively as compared to other pans.
  • These pans come with innovative designs that make kitchen aesthetics more attractive.   


  • The biggest drawback of marble cookware is that it is not steel material friendly. You cannot use steel cutlery with it. It will leave your pan with scratches.
  • Marble pans sometimes cause chipping due to overheating. It is difficult to remove it but also refer as an unhealthy practice.
  • Due to high competition, it is hard to find the original marble cookware. It affects its durability and working ability. If you are curious to know more, you can check the article Marble Cookware Pros and Cons.

Granite Cookware

The amazing fact about granite cookware is that they are not made of original granite. Instead, granite cookware is made of carbon steel. It is coated with a layer of ceramic polish. This coating helps in maintaining the hygienic element while cooking. As it is free from unwanted elements. Don’t forget to check our article If you are interested to know more about- What is Granite Cookware Made Of?

Granite cookware is available in black color. Which also has some grey and white flecks. This design resembles granite stone and that is why it is named granite cookware. Additionally, with the advancement in manufacturing, it is available in many other colors except black. 

Furthermore, granite pans are also referring as enamelware. Due to the carbon covering they are known as porcelain pans. Besides this, the inner part of this cookware is mostly covered with glass. It helps in protecting the pans from undesirable scratches. This protecting glass serves as a non-stick surface. 

Pros and Cons of Granite Cookware

Every cookware has its specialties and drawbacks. Likewise, the following are the pros and cons of granite cookware. 


  • The most admirable advantage of granite pans is, they are lightweight. It is very easy to carry them. Also, it makes cooking stress-free. 
  • Its glass-made inner part provides a smooth surface that ensures chipping-free cooking. This feature adds a non-stick element to the pan. 
  • Granite cookware produces high and long-lasting heat levels. This ensures proper cooking in lesser time. Also, this gives an advantage in saving bills. 
  • The catchy and aesthetic look of granite pans gives a royal feel to the kitchen. It adds beauty to your cutlery collection. Many people prefer granite cookware just because of its stylish designs.
  • Due to the carbon steel coated pan, they can resist rust easily. 
  • The carbon and glass coating are highly durable. They do not get damaged easily. 
  • The glass coating inside the pans helps in ensuring hygienic cooking. 


  • These pans are suitable for only plastic and wooden products. You cannot use other materials with these pans while making food.
  • Finding the original granite cookware is quite difficult. Poor quality granite pans are also available. This may cause many unwanted results during cooking. It also lowers its durability. 
  • Once its carbon coating gets affected, it no longer remains healthy for cooking. 
  • Granite cookware is referred to as expensive as compared to other cookware.

Marble VS Granite Cookware

Although, both marble cookware and granite cookware are good for cooking. But still, some elements differentiate them. These points are as follows. 

  • Both cookwares are efficient in performance due to their non-stick feature. Anyhow, we find granite cookware more desirable in better performance due to its inside glass coating.
  • In concern of safety, marble cookware is safer than granite. They assure a better hygienic cooking experience due to marble stone. Also, these pans do not allow unnecessary chipping while cooking.  
  • When it comes to durability, granite pans are more preferred by people. They last longer than marble pans due to porcelain enamelware.
  • Granite cookware contains better aesthetics as compared to marble cookware. Moreover, they are available in multiple colors and designs. People find them more attractive. 
  • Marble cookware is more economical than granite cookware. If you are looking for affordable cookware sets you can choose marble cookware. Marble pans are easily affordable for everyone as compared to granite pans.

Final Verdict

It is very difficult to decide the best option between marble VS granite cookware. However, our article will guide you towards the best option. Both cookware has their specifications and gives satisfactory results. Anyhow, it is advisable to choose the best option as per your requirements.

While looking for suitable cookware, you must know the difference between marble VS granite cookware. The right selection makes cooking easy.

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