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How To Make An Electric Toothbrush Quiet?

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A toothbrush is our everyday partner. In short, the first thing that greets us in the morning and bids goodbye at night. Imagine how disturbing your morning can get when your electric toothbrush starts producing noise, more than usual. Let us check out how to make an electric toothbrush quiet?

Whatever the reason is, whenever you encounter your electric toothbrush producing a sound more than usual, get it fixed ASAP.

Before checking out the ways to fix the error, let us check out why your electric toothbrush is noisy.

Why Is Your Electric Toothbrush Noisy?

This question is getting popular in public forums asking for the reasons why electric toothbrushes are noisy. For this, you need to understand the inner machinery.

An electric toothbrush features a motor and gears. The motor moves the head that in return produces vibratory motion. For an ordinary electric toothbrush, the per-second vibration count is 26 times.

In general, the head of the electric toothbrush does not produce much noise. The maximum you will hear is like a buzzing mosquito. However, if there is an issue with the motor or debris stuck in the gears, the head can produce more noise than the expectation.

How To Make An Electric Toothbrush Quiet?

When it comes to you, we have a solution to every problem. Not one, but we got five easy peasy fixes to how to make an electric toothbrush quiet. 

1- Identify The Source Of Noise

Before grabbing any screwdriver and losing the screws, identify the source of the noise. If not, you won’t be able to fix the error. In most cases, the head of an electric toothbrush produces most of the noises. Remove the head to check the sound source. If the sound stops, the head is the causing agent. 

First, make sure the head is fitted properly. Probably the last time you changed the head, it might not be fixed properly. Try pushing it back and forth to check the fixation.

Do not use third-party heads; always use products of the same manufacturer. Improper fitting will generate more vibrations. 

There is nothing to do with the toothbrush head if the sound is continuous even after removing the head. Do check the batteries are fitted securely inside.

2- Keep It Clean

Besides cleaning your teeth, when was the last time you cleaned the head? The debris gradually moves inside the head and clogs the gears- little did we know.

Unscrew the head and inspect the gears and motor. Blow it away or use lint-free microfiber to clean the clogged debris. Gently rub the gears to remove the dust particles. Rough cleaning can damage the motor.

3- Charge It Properly

Yes, you read it right! How properly the electric toothbrush is charged will also affect noise production. As a general rule, proper be the charging, lower be the noise ratio, or vice versa.

Never charge the electric toothbrush halfway. Whenever you put the toothbrush on the charging port, make sure to remove it when it is charged fully.

The electric toothbrush will produce a buzzing sound on a low-charged battery, which must be irritating to hear in a sleepy state.

Or, try replacing the battery for an even better result. Possibly, the battery is old and demands replacement.

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4- Wrap Something Around The Toothbrush

The only source of noise in electric toothbrushes is the vibratory motion of the head. The cheapest yet most effective way to deal with the issue is by wrapping something around the body.

The vibratory motion will decline by wrapping a paper towel around the electric toothbrush. As a result, the noise will be less. Thicker be the cloth, lesser be the noise ratio.

Besides paper towels, you can also wrap a washcloth, t-shirt, napkin, or tissue paper. 

Do not use the fabric layers as the ultimate casing. Wrapping the electric toothbrush with fabric continually will promote virus and bacteria growth. Also, the cloth you use must be clean to keep the dental hygiene upright.

5- Trying Upgrading 

If you still encounter the buzzing sound even after trying all the hacks, you might need to upgrade your electric toothbrush to a quieter one. For sure, this option is not for every user. Yet, the results are worth investing in.

Have detailed research in the marketplace. Check what the maximum decibel count the toothbrush produces is. The maximum you should opt for is 48 decibels.

Also, check what the per-minute brush stroke rate is. At a higher stroke rate, the vibration rate will be higher. Hence, higher noise ratio. According to users, the Sonic AquaSonic ultra-quiet toothbrush is the best option you should opt for.

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Do not ignore the gradually increasing buzzing noise of your electric toothbrush. That little annoying encounter in the morning can ruin your whole day, little did you know. But with our guide, we hope, now you know how to make an electric toothbrush quiet.

First, try cleaning the toothbrush and fixing the screws. Later on, proceed further and wrap something around the body. At last, when nothing works, try upgrading your toothbrush. Lastly, make sure you are using the toothbrush adequately. 


Is there a silent electric toothbrush?

Yes, there are! The marketplace is full of ultra-quiet electric toothbrushes such as Oral B and AquaSonic. Make sure to have the one that fulfills your dental needs.

Why do electric toothbrushes vibrate so much?

You are not alone in asking this. The majority of the users are annoyed with the vibratory motion. Little did they know, this vibratory motion helps remove plaques and whiten teeth.

Can electric toothbrushes damage teeth?

It depends on how properly you use the electric toothbrush. On proper use, an electric toothbrush does not damage teeth. Yet, it whitens them for sure.

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Do electric toothbrushes whiten teeth?

Yes, they do! The proper use of an electric toothbrush not only helps whiten teeth. But it also helps remove plaques and improve gums’ health!

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