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Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

Compliance rules for affiliate websites by FTC

FTC stands for federal trade commission, which protects consumer rights. All affiliate websites must disclose that they are being paid a commission on the products listed on their website.

Keeping the policy in mind we hereby announce that we also get compensated for any purchases made via links listed on our website.

What are affiliate websites?

Affiliate websites are sites that are connected to an e-commerce site, a brand or brands, or a store or multiple stores. The o arrangements are made in such a way that the affiliate websites generate an increase in the websites traffic and help them sell out their services or products. An agreement is made between the two parties and the commission is set keeping the interest of both parties in mind.

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links as the name suggests are affiliated to another website. These are created to redirect traffic to the advertiser’s website. This is one of the most sustainable ways of attracting organic traffic to a particular website. It just doesn’t help the advertiser but also generates money for the people involved in the affiliate program.

What are amazon affiliate links?

Affiliate programs connected with Amazon are amazon affiliate programs. Product links posted on such websites are amazon affiliate links. They link the buyers to a particular amazon product and are paid if a purchase is made through that click.

What are product affiliate links?

Product affiliate links work pretty simple, if you make a click on a product that we have linked, and you make a purchase, we will be getting some share of the product. You, in no way, will have to pay any extra charges.

Product affiliate links benefit us only when a purchase is made, not via clicks.

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All the reviews and buying guides along with the products and external websites listed on unisonmart.com are 100% real and unbiased. We do not publish sponsored posts or materials; however, if ever come across such a situation, the post will be labeled and categorized as sponsored.

We only recommend the most authentic, genuine, and best-selling products with positive customer reviews. Also, these are all the products that we would use for ourselves and recommend to our friends and family too.